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Yoga withJo-Jo

Curiosity. Courage. Compassion. Clarity.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

~Bhagavad Gita (6.20)

Making a commitment for individual instruction allows you the time and freedom to deepen your practice, refine skills, ask questions and learn new techniques best for your unique needs. Each individual session is specific to YOU in identifying challenges, working through obstacles and discovering liberation in yourself through your yoga! Jo-Jo will help you develop gentle, steady witnessing of your SELF by helping you cultivate SELF-awareness through curiosity, courage and compassion for your efforts--on and off your mat.

Jo-Jo teaches Integral Bhakti Yoga; a spiritually energizing practices rooted in Divine loving-kindness coupled with Ayurvedic yoga therapy. Integral Bhakti Yoga is a method to create balance in the body, peace in the mind, unity with the soul and love for the Divine. Your Individual yoga session may include a combination of postural yoga, pranayama (breathing practice), guided meditation, gentle somatic movements, deep relaxation/ yoga nidra and sound/vibrational techniques.


Start your journey to SELF and unlock your ability to perceive with clarity in all aspects of your life. Scroll down to schedule your individual yoga session.


Individual Yoga

Single Session

Single 60-min private yoga session

Individual Yoga

5-Session Package

Five 60-min private yoga sessions

Individual Yoga

10-Session Package

Ten 60-min private yoga sessions

Individual Yoga

15-Session Package

fifteen 60-min private yoga sessions

Individual Yoga

Monthly Membership

Subscribe to weekly* private yoga classes

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