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Private Group Classes


One of my favorite aspects about yoga is the significance of community. In the ancient teachings, there are 2 beautiful Sanskrit words that describe a yoga community:

Sangha is like a noun and means a community of people devoted to spiritual growth

Satsang is a like a verb and means to associate with or be in the company of spiritual people.

Group yoga classes are opportunities for both sangha and satsang to happen.

When we come together in community to practice yoga, we are co-creating a space for sangha and to be in satsang; we are elevating our collective conscious; we are opening our hearts & minds to resonate in harmony with one another and experience micro-moments of love.

OMG I'm am so grateful for these strong,

Jo-Jo Offers private group yoga classes, guided meditation sessions, sound bath meditations and wellness workshops. When booking your private group, please consider how many people will be in class together before making your selection. Consider the following: The location for the class? Is it outdoors or indoors? If outdoors, how will people get there? If indoors, how many people can reasonably be in the space?

In addition, if you are interested in semi-private friends or couples classes, you can book a session here. 

Private Yoga

Small Group

small private group class up to 4 students

Private Yoga

Large Group

Large private group class 5+ students

Private Yoga

Friends or Couples

2-person class: Yoga is fun with a buddy! 

Private Guided 
Meditation Session

A led practice to elevate consciousness

Private Yoga
Corporate/ Special Events

Employee wellness, seminars, workshops & conferences

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