Healing Sound with Jo-Jo


Healing Sound uses the vibrational qualities of the 5 senses, particularly the sense of hearing, in an uplifting & harmonious manner to cultivate deep experiences of vibrational healing from the inside, out. This immersive practice energetically attunes  through the power of mantra & music. Schedule your session today!

**Jo-Jo Jackson is not a doctor or a therapist. A Healing Sound meditation session is a non-invasive complementary wellness practice designed to intuitively cultivate an overall sense of elevated wellbeing for general self-care. It is not intended to take the place of treatment by a Medical Doctor or treatment by a licensed therapist. A Healing Sound meditation session is not meant to treat, cure or prevent any disease. **

Healing Sound

Private Session

One-on-one sound meditation session

Healing Sound

Private session

Deeper Dive of Understanding

Healing Sound

Buddy Session

Follow-up private yoga session

Consultation Package


Initial session + two follow-up sessions

Healing Sound

Group Session

3-session +one Prakriti Practice

What To Expect During Your Session

Upon scheduling your individual consultation, you will receive a new client intake form to complete and return to Jo-Jo at least two days prior to your initial session. Your first consultation will assess and review your intake form and include a simple ayurvedic exam to determine your unique constitution and any potential imbalances. Please dress comfortably and be able to lift your shirt so your full back can be viewed. Within 2-4 days after the initial consultation, you will receive a customized self-care regimen to naturally bring you back to a space of harmony in mind, body & spirit:


Ayurvedic Wellness Self-Care Recommendations may include any or all the following:

  • recommendations for your general lifestyle; daily self-care & hygiene practices; recommendation for restoration & rejuvenation or detoxification & cleansing

  • A daily yoga practice including specific yoga postures, breathwork & meditation

  • Nutritional recommendations to promote healthy digestion & elimination

  • Herbal therapies as needed to aid in specific or overall well-being

  • Beneficial aromatherapy

  • Beneficial massage therapy and other bodywork techniques

  • Other specific therapies of benefit to your well-being

Ayurveda Can Help You Thrive

Ready to include natural, holistic approaches and improve your quality of life? Ayurvedic wellness can aide you in:


  • detoxifying & cleansing your body

  • rejuvenating & restoring your body

  • regulating your digestion & elimination

  • balancing your sleep cycle

  • improving your energy & vitality

  • developing a sense mental clarity

  • strengthening your ability to focus

  • establishing emotional stability

  • losing or gaining weight

  • nourishing healthy skin, hair & nails

  • learning healthy & natural relaxation techniques