Yoga is Love. Yoga develops personal empowerment through a deeper connection and understanding of Self—connecting the dots of mind, body and breath to create a more complete understanding of who we are and what we are truly capable of on and off the mat. Yoga nurtures community by fostering empathy for and connection with our fellow humans. By creating and nurturing personal and interpersonal connection, yoga envelops joy, freedom and unity—Yoga is Love.

Jo-Jo started practicing yoga in January 2010 while she was in college. A co-worker recommended she give “hot” yoga a try as a challenge, so she signed up for “Hot 26” and hot power vinyasa yoga classes out of a sense of curiosity and a desire to live healthier. After that first class—and first “yoga high”—she was instantly hooked. However, after a few months of practice Jo-Jo noticed there was something more to yoga than just physical health and profuse sweating; she noticed the time it gave her to move inward and quietly explore self-inquiry. Quickly she decided that yoga was going to be a permanent practice in her life.

In April 2014 Jo-Jo completed a 250-hr Yoga Teacher Training program at Asheville Yoga Center under the guidance of Stephanie Keach, and in December 2018 she completed an Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor program with Mas Vidal of Dancing Shiva Yoga & Ayurveda. Furthermore, Jo-Jo’s currently enrolled in Asheville Yoga Center’s advanced studies 300-hr Yoga Teacher program to complete her 500-hour certification as an advanced practitioner in December 2020.

Jo-Jo teaches Integral Bhakti Yoga; a spiritually energizing practices rooted in Divine loving-kindness coupled with Ayurvedic yoga therapy. Integral Bhakti Yoga is a method to create balance in the body, peace in the mind, unity with the soul and love for the Divine. Jo-Jo's vinyasa classes are dynamic, vigorous, playful and creative; her restorative classes are grounding, relaxing, centering and peaceful. Yet whether she's teaching vinyasa or restorative yoga, Jo-Jo always guides students back to steady witnessing of the body-mind-spirit connection by interweaving breath awareness with the teachings of the classical yogic texts.

A recognized and celebrated wellness practitioner in Nashville, Jo-Jo has taught at the 2017 International Day Of Yoga Festival, the 2018 Yoga Inclusive Festival and the 2018 Music City Yoga Festival. In addition, Jo-Jo is a contributing Yoga Teacher Trainer for Kali Yuga Yoga & Yogasoul, has collaborated with Vanderbilt University's Curb Center for the 2018 Creative Boot Camp seminar, co-created group sound bath experiences for Warner Music Group, presented at the 2019 Tennessee Local Foods Summit, has taken the lead in establishing a diversity & inclusivity committee at local non-profit Small World Yoga, has been featured in the Nashville Scene, and has been a guest on various health & wellness podcasts.  You can find her leading yoga, meditation, sound baths and ayurvedic wellness classes throughout Nashville.

In addition to practicing and teaching yoga, meditation and ayurveda, Jo-Jo’s also a bassist, and holds a bachelor’s degree in journalism. As a musician and writer, yoga helps her recognize the interconnections of everything she creates—whether it’s bass lines, blog posts, poetry or relationships. Jo-Jo’s delighted to have the knowledge and ability to spread the simple, practical and intuitive wisdom of these ancient practices, and help cultivate conscious, compassionate living in her community.

Jo-Jo's Journey

Yoga & Ayurveda with Jo-Jo,the Yogi Bassist -- Copyright 2019