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Personal study, one-on-one discussion, continuing education

"This ever-trodden path--Where travelers all of earth, Do walk in joyous haste, Or slothful sorrow's state--I walk and wonder, In truth or blunder."

~Swami Paramahansa Yogananda, "The Royal Way", Songs of the Soul

As yogis, we are sadhakas--Spiritual seekers. On our journey, it's common to arrive at a junction that we desire guidance from an experienced teacher. Whether you are a new teacher seeking to refine your skills, or a dedicated student seeking to deepen your practice without the commitment & expectations of a formal Yoga Teacher Training program, I'm of service to you. I'm an experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT200, RYT500, IAYT-student Yoga Therapist), certified Continuing Education Provider through Yoga Alliance, HeartMath personal resilience coach and an Ayurvedic wellness counselor & educator with 8 years of teaching experience including teaching 200-hour & 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training programs, continuing education classes for yoga teachers and private + public yoga, meditation & ayurveda workshops. I'm honored & delighted to guide you on your journey to spark the fire of your mind.

I'm of service to all students in helping you:

>study yogic text & yoga philosophy

>understand the subtle nuances of the energetic body such as the chakras, vayus & koshas

>explore & refine your asana, pranayama & meditation practice

>develop & maintain a home yoga & meditation practice

For new yoga teachers, I'm also of service to:

>provide guidance on asana sequencing

>coaching optimal energetic & anatomical alignment

>incorporating pranayama, mantra, mudra & meditation into a class

>utilizing hands-on assistance, adjustments, loving touch & when to use it

>provide guidance in developing workshops

>opportunities to assist me in my public classes & workshops

Below are my standard mentorship prices. However, I do not refuse any honest students because of ability to pay. Sliding-scale options or service bartering are available on a case-by-case basis. If you are in need of payment assistance please email me at


Student Mentorships

Student Mentorship

30-minute session

Student Mentorship

45-minute session

Student Mentorship

60-Minute Session

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