November Newsletter: Perceiving the True You

Greetings & Namaste!

Wow everyone happy AUTUMN! This last month of October flew by rather quickly. For those of you waiting to read the October Newsletter exploring Vata dosha, I will pick up on the doshas at the beginning of 2019 after the holidays pass and my ayurveda course is complete.

I am currently in the process of completing the final assignments and projects to receive my Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor certification. Currently I'm working on honing consultation skills with a small group of practice clients, finishing group consultation projects and preparing a FREE presentation & workshop exploring Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy and how to use it in your practice. The last requirement I'll need to finish is my final test and then I'm done by mid-late December!

For the last week of October I was staying in ​​Ojai, California, with my ayurveda teacher, Mas Vidal. I studied herbology, abhyanga, various sacred Ayurvedic text & Jyotish. I had the opportunity to do practice consultations on some of Mas' yoga teacher trainees with the whole group of us student counselors. I soaked in the hot sulfur springs in Matilija Canyon and rubbed silty black mud all over my skin before jumping in a cold natural spring to wash it all off. I meditated, chanted, breathed and prayed for 2 hours every morning at 5:30am. I ate wholesome, simple Ayurvedic food every day and learned how to prepare kichari from a master. I returned to Music City full of vitality, and knowledge.​​

This 450-hour journey has been a transformation for my understanding of the body, mind and spirit. It has been a test of my discernment, discrimination and detachment from the world process. Through this journey, I have learned a valuable lesson about perception, attachments, associations, and listing to my Truth, as hard as it may feel at first.​​

​​These last few months I've contemplated the mantra "Om Tat Sat," meaning "I am that Supreme truth." I asked myself, what do I need to practice to gain deeper understanding of this Supreme Truth? How do I come into closer experiences of this Supreme Truth? I don't think I was aware that I was going to begin a process of self-inquiry and contemplative listening. In my listening, I learned something about my own deeper truth that I hope you all can use in your practice.

I've come into calling them the "Three C's." Curiosity. Courage. Compassion.

Curiosity to delve into yourself through asana practice, self-inquiry, meditation, journaling, japa mantra and creativity.

Courage to stay disciplined, dedicated and focused on your path as you move into the unfamiliar depths of your subtle self with mental, physical & spiritual fortitude.

Compassion to all of your efforts through offering gratitude and loving kindness to yourself and to your practice

Try using these one of these positive words for your intention-setting practices.



I am delighted to announce that I'll be teaching at this year's Music City Yoga Festival on Saturday, November 10 at RockeTown on 4th Ave S in downtown Nashville!

Tickets are on sale at


Enter "Jojo20" at checkout

I'll be co-teaching an Ayurvedic Yoga flow with fellow yoga teacher and ayurvedic counselor Liz Workman Meade.

Ayurveda is the Vedic science of life and longevity. When Ayurveda is integrated with its sister science Yoga, it creates a dynamic, therapeutic and soul-evolving practice for mind, body & soul that promotes a deep-res