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15 Minutes of Yoga: Practice Classical Sun Salutation with Jo-Jo!

Having a daily home yoga practice is liberating. When we establish a daily ritual of self-care that includes yoga asana, we are practicing preventative medicine through embodiment and empowerment of our true authentic self. You may have the best intentions to establish you sadhana, but you do know where to start.

The question is, how the heck do you start practicing yoga at home?

While nothing compares to practicing under the guidance of an experience teacher, we can quickly find online yoga tutorials and instructional videos to help navigate us through establishing our home practice. You may consider trying this, but you don't know which yoga teacher from which you want to take web-classes.

Here's a 15 minute practice you can easily bring into your morning routine: SUN SALUTATION!

There's a lot of different surya namaskara sequences out there, and this one I'll offer in the video stems from the northern Bengali yoga lineages. Stay tuned--in the near future I'll offer video instructions for the Mysore lineage surya namaskara A and B known from the Astanga yoga primary sequence.

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