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June Newsletter! Happy Pitta Season

Greetings and namaste!

Summer is just around the corner, and I'm sure many of us are already feeling the effects of Nature's shift to pitta season! "Pitta" is the Ayurvedic Dosha comprising the elements fire and water, and it's hot, sharp, oily, light, consuming and transforming. If you consider how that translates to inside the body, we're talking about the power of digestion; the ability of our digestive fire to transform food into energy through metabolism, and our ability to take in and "digest" ideas, knowledge and sensory information from our 5 senses. If you consider how that translates to Nature, it's the long, hot summer days, the prolific bounty of our gardens, the sweat-glistening skin of the people around you, and the desire for adventure.

Thursday, June 21st marks the official start of summertime fun with the Summer Solstice, which is the longest day of the year, and the Sun’s power is in full force. The summer solstice also clearly marks the beginning of the pitta season. When balanced, pitta dosha is energizing, exhilarating, flowing and vibrant, and its fire can be a powerful catalyst to strengthen our self-commitment, transform our personal growth, and illuminate the path toward our life goals and intentions. Many of us easily respond to pitta’s radiant energy by feeling more active, outgoing and social during the summer. By tapping into summer’s natural pitta dosha and understanding how to keep it balanced throughout the hot summer months, we can prevent the fatigued, burnt-out “dog days” of summer feeling; and stay determined, productive and accomplished until we are ready to transition to the colder and more introspective vata season of autumn and early winter.

An easy way to stay cool and healthy this summer season is to stay hydrated! One of my favorite pitta-calming beverages is water infused with fresh cucumber slices, mint springs and rose petals. It's best to sip water slowly throughout the day and to drink room temperature water as to not disturb your internal digestive fire and cool you down too much.

Another great pitta-calming activity is to go swimming! Here in Tennessee we are blessed with an abundance of gentle and accessible creeks, streams, rivers, lakes and waterfalls to swim, kayak and canoe all season long. Take advantage of Percy Priest lake and maybe try a SUP yoga class this summer!

Every summer I play in the water


Coming up at the very end of June I will be performing creative asana movement at the art event "Poetry In Motion Live"! I'm grateful to be a part of this beautifully curated night of movement, art, music and spoken word founded by local yogi and artist Renee Watkins!

Please mark your calendars to join us Saturday, June 30th 8-11pm in east Nashville at the Tri-Creative Complex, and follow Poetry In Motion Live on IG at @poetryinmotionlive to stay updated on lineup and any special announcements.

For more information and to purchase tickets please click here


Also, I would like to share some great news on my personal journey:

I am now in the 2nd month of my Ayurvedic Counselor training program, and I have to say, it has already changed the way I live, and the way I practice and teach yoga. One of the biggest changes to how I start my day has been incorporating "dinacharya," which is the daily ritual of self-care routines and observing the dosha movement through the day.

I start of my morning with a somewhat lengthy yet totally satisfying self-care regimen that includes the more standard items of brushing my teeth, washing my face, practicing neti (nasal irrigation) and using the bathroom, but now I also started practicing daily tongue scraping, oral oil pulling, and nasya (nasal oil), which leaves my mouth, sinuses and nasal passageway feeling super clean and lubricated, and I practice abhyanga (self-massage with herbal oil) three times weekly. In addition, I have established a more predictable and routine morning asana, pranayama and meditation practice. What's better is I even get my boyfriend to join me for asana, pranayama and meditation a couple times every week (yay!).

I have gained control of establishing more regular and routine mealtimes, and I now observe lunch as my biggest meal for the day. I also make sure to take a 30-45 minute walk just about every day, and take natural herbal supplements to help balance my pitta-kapha prakriti (this is my natural dosha combination for my unique mind-body type.)

While this may seem like a lot to do every day, the health benefits are measurable and tangible. I have more energy without having to drink coffee or tea, my digestive system feels balanced and regular again, I have shed 10 pounds since the beginning of May, and my mental-emotion state feels calmer and more peaceful.

If you are curious about "dinacharya" and how to incorporate some of this into your daily routine, please reach out to me!

Love and Light!

Jo-Jo <3

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