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Jo-Jo Jackson, aka "The Yogi Bassist," is a Yoga & meditation teacher, student Yoga Therapist, Healing Sound practitioner and Ayurvedic counselor & educator based in Nashville, TN. As an integrative wellness practitioner, Jo-Jo's aim is to guide her students—and herself—onto the path of self-inquiry in order to reawaken our highest & truest Self. By cultivating the Right Attitude with a sense of compassion, courage & curiosity, we all have the ability to experience moksha: liberating freedom.

Jo-Jo teaches Integral Bhakti Yoga; a spiritually energizing practices rooted in Divine loving-kindness coupled with Ayurvedic yoga therapy. Integral Bhakti Yoga is a method to create balance in the body, peace in the mind, unity with the soul and love for the Divine. Jo-Jo's vinyasa & "slow-flow" classes are dynamic, refined and creative; her restorative classes are grounding, relaxing, and peaceful. Yet whether she's teaching vinyasa or restorative yoga, Jo-Jo always guides students back to steady witnessing of the body-mind-spirit connection by interweaving movement, breath awareness and the traditional teachings of Yogic wisdom.

Practice with Jo-Jo at weekly sound bath meditation, restorative yoga & vinyasa yoga classes at Cheekwood Estate & GardenHola Yoga & InnerG Juice & Yoga. Jo-Jo's also available for private individual & group yoga session, ayurvedic wellness & lifestyle counseling, integrative Ayurvedic yoga therapy, healing sound baths, student mentoring, and collaborative seminars/ workshops. All of Jo-Jo services are available in-person or virtually.

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