Corporate & Organizational Wellness
Services & Rates

All of Jo-Jo's corporate/ organization rates factor in planning hours including virtual or in-person meetings, emails, phone calls, research, content-creation, presentations, etc.
Jo-Jo's current 2021 rates are as follows:

Small Corporate wellness programs & events (less than 100 participants)

Best for weekly yoga/ mindfulness offerings, special events, seminars or conferences. This also includes university wellness programs for students and/or staff, public & private organizations, and small-medium size businesses & companies.
•$65/ 30-min yoga or guided meditation session
•$125/ 60-min yoga or guided meditation session
•$175/ 60-min ayurvedic/ holistic wellness seminar
•$200/ 60-min sound bath meditation session

Large Corporate wellness programs (100+ participants)
Best for major annual conferences, weekend training seminars and large special events. This also includes government agencies and professional membership organizations.
$1.25 per participant (minimum $125) for yoga or guided meditation sessions*
•$1.75 per participant (minimum $175) for ayurvedic/ holistic wellness seminars*
•$2.00 per participant (minimum $200) for healing sound meditation sessions*

*all large corporate wellness programs are maximum 60 minutes